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Quilting with Children
a wonderful resource from Heddi Craft and experienced quilter (with children!)
America Quilts
another quality offering from PBS; includes classroom application
National Quilt Collection
from the Smithsonian...a gallery of historic quilts!


Frontier Personalities

The Diary of James Madison Coon and Nancy Iness (Miller) Coon
read the account of these travelers on the Oregon Trail
Julia Louisa Lovejoy
she wrote articles about life in Kansas... good first-hand account of living in the West and of her views on abolition
Luzena Stanley Wilson's Memoirs of the Gold Rush
the recollections of a woman in the Gold Rush...1881
Catherine Sager - Across the Plains in 1844
Pioneer account of trip across plains to the Northwest in 1844...fascinating!
Narcissa Whitman - 1836
the diaries of Narcissa Whitman, trail pioneer, 1836-1847
the journal of John B. Wyeth...1832...journey from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean...fascinating!
James H. Lane
a principal leader of the antislavery forces that ultimately made Kansas free-soil
Benjamin Singleton
those who answered Singleton's call to head west became known as "Exodusters," and Singleton himself was described as the "Father of the Exodus
William Gilpin
influential in the settling of the new west... staunch believer in "Manifest Destiny"
Oliver Otis Howard
a moral crusader and soldier...he strived valiantly to protect the rights of Native Americans in the West
Sayings of Chief Joseph
speeches given Chief Joseph ...poignant


Historical Perspective

End of the Oregon Trail, Local Legacies, Library of Congress
A "Local Legacies" project from the State of Oregon, commemorating the significance of Westward Migration
Lemhi Pass
from the USDA Forest Service, this beautiful site offers views the pioneers must have seen
Ghost Towns
view artifacts...don't miss the Virtual Museum!
Pioneering the Upper Midwest
an American Memory collection, Library of Congress; excellent primary source material
End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center
a view of the "end" of the trail
Pony Express Home Station
an extensive and informative site about America's Pony Express ...alive and well, yet!

Multicultural Perspective

Black Indians
Katz explores the "missing piece" in American History...the hidden Native American heritage of a significant number of African Americans
Jews in the Wild West
tales from the trail, anecdotes and a bibliography make this worth a look
Western Migration and Homesteading: African-American Mosaic Exhibition (Library of Congress)
from the Library of Congress ...information about African-American western emigration
American West : Multicultural Perspectives
an ambitious project ...provides links to sites offering a multicultural perspective on the settling of America's "West"
The Chinese and Westward Expansion
From the Bancroft Library. collection.


Native American Perspective

Native Peoples and American Indian West
links of all kinds ...Native Americans and the American West
Impressions of an Indian Childhood
impressions of an Indian childhood
Archives of the PBS documentary include text and images (episode one and two are particularly rich in Native American information and images)

Environmental Perspective

Conservation Chronology 1847-1871
art and text about America's desire to preserve its resources and its beauty ...includes information about the popular "West" (1847-1871)
Fish and Wildlife on the Oregon Trail: Then and Now
this site is intended to help people understand the changes in fish and wildlife populations since the years of the Oregon Trail migration


Teacher Resources

Donner Online
from PacBell, a WebQuest on the Donner Party
Western Folklife Center
Cowboy Poetry for yer enjoyment!
Goldrush Curriculum
Excellent teaching resources from the Oakland Museum of California
Westward Expansion
wonderful maps of the various trails west...and a good deal of information can be found here
Laura Ingalls Wilder, Frontier Girl
the Laura Ingalls Wilder, Frontier Girl, page...of interest to learners of all ages
Expansion and Reform
Internet Resources from the Learning Page, Library of Congress


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