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Dear Pioneers,

You've decided to embark on an extraordinary adventure that will take you and your family across miles of dangerous, unfamiliar territory. You've gathered with other pioneers in Independence, Missouri. You have packed everything that will fit into your Prairie Schooner. You are as ready as you can be for the journey of nearly 2,000 miles.

You've heard the tales of great danger — dust and heat...scarce drinking water...poisonous snakes and voracious animals... raging rivers... treacherous, narrow mountain passes...accidents and deadly disease...Indian unrest and resistance.

But you know it is your destiny to settle in the beautiful, rich Willamette Valley where your dreams of a better life will come true. May the Lord be with you...Godspeed and safe journey...

Yore Faithful Wagonmistress

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Map of Oregon Territory Classroom Teacher, The Wagonmaster
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