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Nonfiction and Reference

Oregon-California Trails Association
524 S. Osage
P.O.Box 1019
Independence, Missouri 64051-0519
Telephone & Fax: (816)252-2276

The American Frontier: Pioneers, Settlers, and Cowboys 1800 - 1899
William C. Davis, 1992, University of Oklahoma Press

The Donner Party Chronicles
Frank Mullen Jr., with Photographs by Marilyn Newton, 1997 Nevada Humanities Committee

Empire Express: Building the First Transcontinental Railroad
David Haward Bain, 1999, Viking

My Heroes, My People: African Americans and Native Americans in the West
Morgan Monceaux and Ruth Katcher, 1999, Frances Foster Books

Indian School: Teaching the White Man's Way
Michael L. Cooper, 1999, Clarion Books

American Frontiers: Cultural Encounters and Continental Conquests
Gregory H. Nobles, 1997,Hill and Wang

Seven Trails West
Arthur King Peters, 1996 Abbeville Press

Pioneers and Trailblazers: Adventures of the Old West
Leonard J. Matthews, 1990, Derrydale Books

The Westerners: A Roundup of Pioneer Reminiscences
Compiled and annotated by John Myers Myers, 1969, University of Nebraska Press

Those Spirited Women of the Early West
Phyllis Zauner, 1989, Zanel Publications

Covered Wagon Women: Diaries & Letters from The Western Trails, 1852
The Oregon Trail
Edited and compiled by Kenneth L. Holmes & David C. Duniway; Introduction by Ruth R. Moynihan, 1997, University of Nebraska Press

Letters of a Woman Homesteader
Mary Barmeyer O'Brien, 1997, Twodot

Heart of the Trail: The Stories of Eight Wagon Train Women
Elinore Pruitt Stewart; Foreword by Gretel Ehrlich, Illustrations by N.C. Wyeth, 1914, Houghton Mifflin Company

The Pioneers Go West
George R. Stewart, 1954 (1982), Random House

Women's Voices from the Oregon Trail: The Times That Tried Women's Souls and A Guide to Women's History Along the Oregon Trail
Susan G. Butruille, 1993 Tamarack Books, Inc.

Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey
Lilian Schlissel 1982 Schocken Books - Excerpts of diaries and writings of women who crossed the plains

Historic Sites Along The Oregon Trail
Aubrey L. Haines 1981 The Patrice Press - This is the primary source book that describes each location of the fates. Landmarks and distances along the Oregon Trail

Pioneer Women - Voices from the Kansas frontier
Joanna L. Stratton 1981 Simon & Schuster - Source for students to read, daily life

Oregon Trail Curriculum Guide
available from Oregon-California Trails Association

An Authentic Wagon Train Journal of 1853
William Richard Brown

Prairie Traveler
Randolph P. Marcy - Originally published 1959, principle guide book for westward-bound emigrants. Filled with helpful information that was essential for safe passage west, available from the Oregon-California Trails Association

Women of the West
Cathy Luchetti & Carol Olwell 1982 Orion Books - The lifestyles of women in the west seen through their eyes, journey's, daily life, lots of pictures

The Oregon Trail
Francis Parkman - Story of his travels on the Oregon Trail, this is also available on tape

California Goldrush Country: 1848 - 1998
Leslie A. Kelly, 1997, Les Kelly Publications

Great Trails of the West
Richard Dunlop1971 Abingdon Press - Narrative account of modern travel on the Oregon Trail in search of old landmarks and monuments

An Overland Journey
Horace Greeley edited by Charles T. Duncan, 1964 Knopf - Newspaper editor's account of his journey across the Continent by rail & stagecoach)

Early Settler Activity Guide
Stenson, E. 1992

My Backyard History Book
Weitzmann, D. 1975

Frontier Home
Bial, R. 1993

To Be a Pioneer
Burns, P. and Hines, R. 1962

The West, An Illustrated History for Children
Duncan, D. 1996

Children of the Wild West
Freedman, R. 1983

If You Traveled West In a Covered Wagon
Ellen Levine

Food and Recipes of the Westward Expansion: Cooking Throughout American History
George Erdosh, 1997, PowerKids Press


Arts and Crafts...Includes Quilting Picture Books

The Josefina Quilt Story
Eleanor Coerr

The Patchwork Quilt
Valerie Flournoy

Eight Hands Round
Ann Whitford

The Rag Coat
Lauren Mills

The Patchwork Lady
Mary K Whittington

Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt
Deborah Hopkinson

The Boy and the Quilt
Shirley Kurtz

The Return of Morris Schumsky
Steven Schnur

The Mountains of Quilt
Nancy Willard and Tomie dePaola

Tar Beach
Faith Ringgold

Nine in One GRR! GRR!
Blia Xiong and Cathy Spagnoli

The Keeping Quilt
Patricia Polacco

14,287 Pieces of Fabric
Jean Ray Laury

O the Red Rose Tree
Patricia Beatty

Karen Hesse

My Grandmother's Patchwork Quilt
Janet Bolton

Mrs. Noah's Patchwork Quilt
Janet Bolton

Patchwork Island
Karla Kushkin

Sam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon Quilt
Lisa Campbell Ernst

Luka's Quilt
Georgia Guback

Bess's Log Cabin Quilt
Anne Love

The Canada Geese Quilt
Natalie Kinsey-Warnack

A Cloak For The Dreamer
Aileen Friedman - one of Marilyn Burns' Brainy Day Books, which are written specifically to weave literature and math together

Texas Toys and Games
Abernethy, F. E. (Ed.)1989

Soap Science
Bell, J. L. 1993

Steven Caney's Toy Book
Caney, S. 1972

Historical Crafts
Oliver, M. T. 1994

Historical Fiction
Wagon Wheels
Brenner, B. 1993

Bunting, E. 1995

Going West
Van Leeuwen, J.

Save Queen of Sheba

Prairie Songs
Pam Conrad

The Orphan Train Quartet
Joan Lowery Nixon

Little House Series

Across the Great Divide

On to Oregon

Cassie's Journey, Going West in the 1860's
Brett Harvey

Wagon Wheels
Barbara Brenner

Araminta's Paint Box
Karen Ackerman

Participant's Choices
Charlotte Murphy - scout
Birchwood MN

Better homes, Cross Stitch & country crafts, July/Aug 93
Cross stitch map of Oregon Trail

Historic Traveler, March 97
From Chimney Rock to Fort Laramie

Barbara Wagner
Novi, MI

Stout-Hearted Seven by Neta Lohnes Frazier
book, subtitled "The true adventure of the Sager children orphaned on the Oregon Trail in 1844"

Carolyn Novotny
Zion , IL

Homesteaders, True Tales of the Wild West (Rough & Ready Series)
book (Author - A.S. Gintzler)
Cowboys, True Tales of the Wild West (R&R Series)
Book (Author - A. s. Gintzler)

Westward Ho, An Activity Guide to the Wild West
Book (Author - Laurie Carlson)
Richard Rasmussen
aka RodeoRich,Scout

Oregon Trail, Voyage of Discovery: The Story Behind The Scenery. c1992 KC Publications, Inc.
Nonfiction and Reference
Oregon Trail Cooking : Exploring History through simple recipes. Mary Gunderson. c2000. Capstone Press.
ISBN 0-7368-0355-6

Wagon Wheels & Wild Roses :Heirloom recipes and Oregon Trail stories from the McCaw family, 1847-1995. Naomi Stanly Kulp. c1996. Wild Rose Press. ISBN 0-9648782-0-8

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