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How many times have you thought the Internet would be a great resource, but didn't have time to search and then prepare a lesson? These lessons were created to assist teachers with integrating Internet materials into the classroom curriculum during the 2008 election season.

Feel free to change any of the activities to better fit into your particular learning situation. These are merely ideas and suggestions for using the resources and technology that are available. You may want students to work in groups rather than individually.

Be sure to instruct your students that these are not cut and paste projects. They should be gathering, evaluating, and synthesizing the information. Explaining copyright and how to cite Internet sources are also important topics to cover.

Various video and audio formats are used on the Internet. Firefox and Internet Explorer include built-in support for many of the sound and image formats. You may still need plug-ins such as Flash, Shockwave, or QuickTime. Many Web sites will link to the software sites.

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