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Election Process

You want to become President of the United States. Choose one of the exercises below.

1. What plans do you need to make? How do you start? What rules do you have to follow? What process do you have to go through to be nominated? Create a timeline that you can follow during your presidential bid.

2. How will you finance your campaign? How much money does it take to run for president? Who can contribute to your campaign and how much can they give? Make a list of potential financial supporters and create a budget.

Check resources on the Web that will help answer these questions before starting your timeline or budget. Ask one of your local congressional representative for their ideas. If they have e-mail, correspond with them over the Internet.

Timeliner, a software program for both Macintosh and Windows is great. You can add pictures by gluing them on the timeline after it is printed or you can insert them directly in the program.

Resources for the Election Process

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