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You are a public relations manager. Choose one of the exercises below:

1. Select one of the candidates running for president. Gather information from Web sites. Create a media fact sheet that will help persuade an undecided voter to cast his/her ballot for your candidate.

Be sure to include a picture. You may also want to use a quote, statistics, short slogan, video clip, or other ideas. Consider targeting a specific group such as women, men, young adults, senior citizens, baby boomers, environmentalists, minorities, or others.

2. Select one of the candidates running for president. Gather information from Web sites. Create a multimedia campaign ad that will win votes for your candidate.

Software that might be helpful for creating your fact sheet include ClarisWorks, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Publisher, or the Student Writing Center. A multimedia presentation could be created in PowerPoint, iMovie, or Movie Maker. If you have some experience with Web authoring software, you could design a Web page.

3. Look at poll information. How is the data gathered? What is margin of error. Compare the different polls. Why are there different percentages? Do you think polls can determine a race? Why or why not? Create polling questions and gather data from classmates at your school.

Polling Websites

American Research Group
Gallup Poll
Pew Research Center
Quinnipiac University

Democratic Presidential Candidates
Republican Presidential Candidates
Independent Presidential Candidates
General Candidate Information

ABC Politics
C-Span's Road to the White House
CBS Politics
CNN Politics
Fox News: Politics
League of Women Voters
Kids Voting
NBC: Politics
Online Newshour
U.S. News and World Report
USA Today
ABC Politics

U.S Electoral College

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