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Election 2000

Effie Barnaby
1866 -1957

Effie Barnaby was the manager of the Postal Telegraph Company office in Massillon, Ohio during the early 1900s. She wrote many letters to her family in Alliance, Ohio in which she shared the local news of the day. In this letter she describes the campaign visit of William Howard Taft, the Republican candidate for president in 1908.

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Bandstand and Park
Where Taft Spoke
circa 1900

MultiMap: Massillon, Ohio

MapQuest: Massillon, Ohio

Massillon Ohio October 10 1908


Political Cartoon of 1908

Questions to Think About

Where are Massillon and Alliance, Ohio? Do you think a presidential candidate would visit these towns today? Why or why not?

What newspaper is mentioned in the letter? Is it still being published?

In 1908, how did candidates communicate with people?

In 1908, how would candidates travel from city to city?

Who was the Democratic Candidate in 1908?

Who won the presidential election that year?

What questions do you have about the election in 1908?

Write a News Story

Choose a candidate who is running for office (local, state, national) and write a news story about them.

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