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CyberBee's Election Hunt

Treasure Map Have fun trying to find the answers to these questions. Some answers may be found at more than one Web site. Use your favorite search program, You are a Cybernaut if you can answer 11-12, an Internet Navigator with 8-10, a Hitchhiker with 5-7, or a Newbie with less than 5.

Teachers : If you want to use this as an activity in your classroom, just print the page and pass it out to your students. That way they can't click on the answer button and go immediately to the solution.

If you are an elementary teacher, you may want to pick the least difficult questions to use in your classroom and modify the point system.

1. What famous illustrator for Harper's Weekly popularized the donkey and elephant used to symbolize the Democratic and Republican parties Answer


Washington Post Kids Post
2. What is the electoral college Answer

Hint: Electoral College
3. When did candidates begin using celluloid campaign buttons Answer

Hint: CyberBee's Political Memorabilia
4. How old must you be to run for president Answer

Hint: Vote Smart Government 101
5. When was the League of Women Voters founded and what does the organization do Answer

Hint: League of Women Voters
6. How much money can an individual give to a presidential candidate Answer

Hint: Federal Election Commission
7. What is the Gallup Poll Answer

Hint: Gallup Organization
8. What document does the president swear to preserve, protect, and defend when taking the oath of office Answer

Hint: Fact Monster
9. What is a straw vote Answer

Hint: YourDictionary.Com

10. Who spoke these words in his inaugural address "And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country." Answer

Hint: Project Bartleby
11. What was the theme in the 1964 Lyndon Johnson "Daisy" campaign ad and where can you view a copy of it Answer

Hint: CNN All Politics

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