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Weather Magnets

Personalizing your own weather page is fun.


Although you don't have as many choices, the AccuWeather page is much slicker. Some of the cool features include current conditions, 10-day forecasts, moon phases, animated local radar, and jet stream maps. Be sure to bookmark the page for easy access later.


Current conditions, fast forecast, live radar are provided for free.

Time and Weather

Copy and paste a java applet into your page to display the current temperatures in cities around the world or in each of the states.

The Weather Channel

Join the affiliate program and place one of three weather magnets on your site at no cost.

Weather for You

Pick from several designs and input your zip code. The html will generated for you to copy and paste into your page.

Weather Underground

Many different types of stickers are available from the Weather Underground, including a sunrise, sunset, moon rise, and moon set. Simply type in your zip code and choose the sticker you want to appear on your page, then copy and paste the code.

Local Forecast

Enter your " Place, State", US Zip Code or ICAO:  


Enter temperature in one blank to convert to the other scale.


Download Weather Bug
Software for Your Desktop

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