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Desktop Weather

This application from the Weather Channel provides a wealth of information at a glance. When closed, the current local temperature appears in your system tray.

Free Weather

View instant weather reports on your computer desktop. Shows current conditions, detailed hourly forecast, daily forecast, and severe weather alerts for almost every city worldwide!


Weather1 can sit in your system tray for easy access to current weather and over 700 satellite/radar/weather images. The unregistered version has limitations such as updates every 4 hours, a shareware notice, and other miscellaneous features. A full version is available for $1.00/month. This is a nifty desktop weather programs with loads of data.


Download this software that features forecasts for YOUR zipcode, up-to-the-minute InstaCam images, immediate storm warnings and alerts, animated radar images, cool content like trivia, city guide, and maps, and complete travel weather for any destination.

Local Forecast

Enter your " Place, State", US Zip Code or ICAO:  


Enter temperature in one blank to convert to the other scale.


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