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El Paso National Weather Service Weather Calulator

El Paso National Weather Service has created interactive programs that will allow your students to work with a variety of temperature, moisture, and pressure conversions. What is equally challenging for your high school computer gurus are the CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts that make the page interactive. Students can dig through these scripts to find the formulas.

Washington Post Weather Calculator

Explanations are included with calculations or conversions of temperature, relative humisity, wind chill, and heat index.

Weather Calculator

Wx Calculator allows you to plug in numbers using Fahrenheit or Celsius temperatures to covert temperatures or calculate wind chill, heat index, and relative humidity.

Weather Conversion Calculator

Choose from over a dozen conversion programs. These nifty gizmos will convert or calculate various meteorological parameters, including wind chill, heat index, relative humidity, temperature, and air pressure.

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