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Ann Arbor Weatther 2019

Ann Arbor Weayher 1972

When bees to distance wing their flight
Days are warm
Skies are bright

Wisdom? Fact? Or fanciful rhyme? Predicting the weather has challenged man from the beginning of time. Today, sophisticated instrumentation, satellite imagery, and instantaneous communication allow meteorologists to issue weather warnings before disaster strikes. Still, on some days it seems easier just to look outside your window. So, what do we really know about weather, and how does science help us to understand it better? Fly with CyberBee. . . to "cool" weather Web sites.

Radar on and wings aloft,
CyberBee has taken off.
To find amazing weather clues,
And bring them back for you to use,
In school reports or just for fun,
Our exciting journey has just begun.

Imagine your schoolyard buzzing with activity as students build and set up weather stations, collect data, keep journals, and learn hands-on science. You could provide a daily weather report for your school in several different ways. It could be part of the morning announcements, served up on your school home page, or simply posted on the bulletin board. See if there is a way to involve the community in a weather project by calling local television and radio stations. Maybe there are retired people who would like to help with a project. If you have an airport, a field trip might be an option to learn how weather is used in determining flying conditions. Whatever activities you choose to do with your students, they will have a new appreciation for weather prediction.


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