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Use of Information

How do you know the information is reliable? Can you use photographs and music in projects without violating copyright? How do you cite resources or give credit to the people who wrote the material, took the photographs, or created the music? What information will you use for your report after following these guidelines?

Evaluating the Content


Website Investigator


Compare the information at the following two sites using either the WWW CyberGuide Ratings for Content Evaluation or Website Investigator.

Raccoon Facts

How the raccoon got its mask.


Check your knowledge about copyright with CyberBee. See if you can answer the questions before looking at the answers.


Copyright with CyberBee

Selecting Content to Use in your Report or Project

After evaluating the information at each Website, you can create a folder of bookmarks of the sites that will be best for your report.

Citing Resources

EasyBib allows you to type in the information about your resources and creates a reference page you can save and print.


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