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WWW CyberGuides

The "WWW CyberGuide" Internet evaluation forms were developed by Karen McLachlan informally as a means of introducing the World Wide Web to novice users in 1996. Since then the Guides have been published in a book, on the Internet, and referenced in journal articles. They have been used in countless classrooms and professional in-service programs. Due to the evolvement of Web site design and content, the CyberGuides needed revision to reflect the increased sophistication of the Internet and to continue to meet the ever-growing need for critical evaluation of Web-based information. The two forms were sent to a panel of three experts along with a questionnaire. The panel members evaluated four pre-selected Web sites and then evaluated the Guides by completing the questionnaire and suggesting improvements. Following extensive revision, the Guides were sent to four hundred and sixty Ohio school librarians who were asked to evaluate the same four pre-selected Web sites using the newly revised forms. The data from the returned forms was used to assess the effectiveness of the CyberGuides as Web site evaluation tools.

WWW CyberGuide Ratings for Content Evaluation
  A guide for rating the curriculum content on web sites.
WWW CyberGuide Ratings for Web Site Design
  A guide for rating the design of a web site.

Website Investigator

Marilyn Arnone and Ruth Small developed an instrument for elementary children to evaluate Web sites. The study focused on three essential questions. Why visit? Why stay? Why Return? The premise of their study was based on the concept that the motivational quality of the Web site would answer their questions. The instrument was tested by 21 educators in conjunction with an evaluation of a children's television show and its companion Web site.

Website Investigator
Marilyn Arnone Educator Site

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