• Raccoons are native to North and South America.
  • They are nocturnal or active at night.
  • They are omnivores and will eat almost anything.
  • Raccoons are good climbers and swimmers.
  • Their mask reduces glare and enhances night vision.
  • They weigh between 12 and 35 lb.
  • Their body is 12" to 28" long.
  • Raccoons have few natural enemies.
  • Mating takes place in winter.
  • Litters average from 2 to 7 babies.
  • Baby raccoons are called "kits."
  • Raccoons do not hibernate, but may sleep several days during cold weather.
  • They are curious animals.
  • Their sense of touch and smell help them find food.
  • Raccoons should not be kept as pets.

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