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Kids Treasure Hunts on Pinterest

Find and decorate an old shoebox to hold artifacts found on a treasure hunt. Hide items that are interesting and that tell a story, like a letter from grandma, pictures of historic places, and mechanical gadgets. Create clues and send kids exploring inside and outside. For ideas about scavenger hunts, visit the Pinterest Kids Treasure/Scavenger Hunts website. Here you will find loads of information, from how to make clues to hundreds of ready made hunts. All age groups are included, and there are lots of step-by-step guides. This is a great summer activity.

  These treasure hunts were updated in June 24, 2021.
CyberBee's Internet Treasure Hunt
You will travel far and wide to find the answers to this array of questions.
History Investigation: Old Hand Written Document
Read, analyze, and interpret an old letter.
Language Arts on the Web
From Poe to Lear to "kid" publishing, you are certain to find something for everyone.
Math on the Web
The next time your students complain about math, toss them a bag of M&M's.
Peregrine Falcons
Use the Ohio's Peregrine Falcons Website to learn about Peregrine Falcons.
Reach Out & Touch An Author
Answer trivia questions about your favorite authors.
Ready Reference
Hone those reference skills in this popular treasure hunt.
Science on the Web
Explore the wonders of science that will ignite student learning.
Social Studies on the Web
Take a journey around the world and into people's lives on this expedition.
Time Portals
Celebrate the dawning of a new millennium and learn about horology.
Wonders of Science
Have fun trying to find the solutions to these fascinating science questions.

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