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Directions: Visit these Web sites and complete the activity for each one.

This Day in History - History Channel

Activity: What events happened on your birthday throughout history?


Cybrary of the Holocaust

Activity: (Click on) Follow Harold's Journey Through His Interactive Map (With Audio). What was contained in the suitcase he mistakenly took back to his hiding place? How did this event save his life?


Betsy Ross Home Page

Activity: Make a five pointed star with one cut.



Activity: Where was Harry Houdini born?


The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Activity: What were the seven wonders and which one remains today?


National Archives Powers of Persuasion

Activity: Look at the poster Don`t Let That Shadow Touch Them and describe what you see.


Ancient Egyptian Senet

Activity: Explore Ancient Egypt and play the game of Senet.


America's Library

Activity: Meet Harriet Tubman in America's Library.


Library of Congress

Activity: Click on Search. Type Sitting Bull in the search box. Find the photograph of Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill.


Round the World with Ways to Say Hello

Activity: Listen to the song and then sing it.



Activity: Click on MapQuest. Follow the directions and create your own map.


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