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Have fun trying to find the solutions to these science questions. Go to the suggested Web site and search for the answer. You are a Cybernaut if you can answer 8 -10, an Internet Navigator with 5-7, a Hitchhiker with 3-4, or a Newbie with less than 3.

Teachers : If you want to use this as an activity in your classroom, just print the page and pass it out to your students. That way they can't click on the answer button and go immediately to the solution.

1. What is the recipe for slime Answer

Hint: Science Bob

2. Where can I find information about earthworms Answer

Hint: National Wildlife

3. Why do feet smell Answer

Hint: KidsHealth

4. How do you catch a bubble Answer

Hint: Science Learning Network: Thinking Fountain or Science Museum of Minnesota

5. Which falls faster? A bowling ball or a golf ball Answer

Hint: Moment in Science

6. Why do some fruit flies have white eyes Answer

Hint: Exploratorium

7. How do immune cells get involved when we get a splinter or a scratch Answer

Hint: Cells Alive

8. How does Albert Einstein look through the eye of a bee Answer

Hint: Why Files

9. What is the fastest land animal in the world Answer

Hint: Science 4Kida

10. Which freezes faster hot or cold water Answer

Hint: Brain Stuff


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