CyberBee has been providing rich Internet resources, lessons and projects to educators for over 14 years. Lessons are created around national standards and tested by teachers. All content is free with proper attribution.Lessons can be found under Curriculum Ideas. Be sure to explore the entire Cyberbee site, including the Gallery of photographs featuring the National Parks and over 50 new Cylinder Recordings.

Math Enhancers

Try these elementary level math enhancers at home or in your classroom. They are based on the NCTM standards.

Falcon Watch

Get ready to watch the Peregrine Falcons with these lessons and resources. This is a self-directed one classroom project. No registration is necessary.

Zoo Treks

Travel the world on a virtual zoological field trip from the Serengeti Plains to the Amazon Jungle or the frozen tundra of the arctic to the rain forests of the tropics.


Find teacher resources at Copyright with Cyberbee. Use the interactive tool to teach students the basics.

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Cool Weather Destinations
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