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Getting Ready for travel...

"You are traveling by wagona nd must bring supplies that you will need once you get there. Before you leave you must cover and pack your wagon. All supplies and people must be on board as you embark on your journey. If during the journey someone or something falls off the wagon you ust surrender some supplies. Once you arrive you must use your supplies to build a shelter. If you ened any other supplies you may ask for them,. Once your shelter is built you then must use a lap top to research one of the sttes and make a flag for the state you choose to settle in."

These Brownville, Maine 5th graders created their own wagons as a homework assignment.

These pioneers are resting at their wagon just after crossing the Platte River. The girls at Brownville Elementary recently received a gift of clothing! A volunteer made skirts and bonnets for all of them. Now we're really getting into the spirit of things!

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Student created wagons


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