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We made it this far and we're not turning back.
Indians, Rivers and tough decisions will not stand in our way.
Oregon is our dreamland and we are going to make it...
All the way. ~Alexandria

Riding on the Oregon Trail
Going by covered wagon pulled by Oxen
Cooking and sewing for the family's needs.
Going over hills and through rivers and streams.
Caring for the sick and mending sores and wounds.
Endless days and shortened nights.
Making choices and accepting the consequences.
Having people and animals die.
And hoping for the best, all the way to Oregon. ~Maeghan

The Oregon Trail
The wind whistles while we roll down the Oregon Trail.
The animals scatter away from the wagon.
As we roll and roll down the trail,
it gets quieter and quieter
As we go to Oregon. ~Kristie

Going West
So far my trip is great!
But there were some things that I hate...
Like losing some of my supplies.
I know that wherever I go that everything will just get better. ~Gina

I wish...
I wish I were in Oregon
Snake bites
Crossing rivers
Taking risks
Family dying
Will be forgotten with the future of...
New land
New friends
Pockets of gold
New house
I wish I were in Oregon. ~Julia

Lost Kids
As you go you might see up in the distance
You see me.
This trip has bad times and has good.
But it is good if you stay together. ~Mike

Watching Trees
I watch the trees pass by my eyes
Like the wind,
Brushing the horses soft mane.
Each leaf seems to stand for something.
Something beyond a wagon and wheels. A...
Long Trail ahead, an
Education by sight.
Air that smells like rain,
Flying through the prairie of land beyond human's eye reach and yet...
I remain still in a wagon,
Watching the trees pass by my eyes. ~Kayla

The world falls at the heels of the wagon.
I'm lost in a dream of a treasure filled land.
I heed to its beckoning, letting me soar to Oregon.
Oregon, the land where dreams come true.~Sarah

Oregon trail
Reaching our destiny
Eating to survive
Gone to Oregon
Oxen pulling
Nearly there

Traveling far
Racing the wind
And eating more
Inside the wagon
Listening to birds~Willis

Eleven things about the Oregon Trail:
Oh no, someone is sick, will they make it?
Eating the same food every day.
Gone missing!
Oh no, some water has cholera!
Nauseous from the wagon.
Restless sleeps
A stopping point finally!
Indian fights
Long way to go ~Heather

Oregon Trail
While we are traveling west, the oxen are working.
The cows are getting milked
The horses are running
And the kids are playing,
While mother and father are working.
We reached some places that will have a place in our heart
And we reached some places that will never have a place in our heart.
The trail is hard, just like the days are warm and nights are cold.
Just like the sky is blue.
So while we go west, we think about things that we left behind.
Just can't wait to get to Oregon
So we can live happily ever after. ~Adalia

As we traveled across fish-filled rivers,
Snow capped mountains and endless prairies,
Our wagons are lead by our faithful oxen
Our future lays at the end of the trail to Oregon.
Surrounded by our precious belongings,
We feel the need to embrace what we have carefully chosen.
At the end of this trail starts a new beginning. ~Jimmy

Oregon Poem
I'll tell you a tale,
About the Oregon Trail.
We are on our journey west,
And we will do our best.
Even though, the trail is rough,
Our train will still be tough.
I know we'll make it safe and sound,
Then we'll build a home on our brand-new ground. ~Zac

Dreams along the trail
Binding chains, flying arrows, flooding rivers and whipping ropes,
All haunt my dreams.
Then a light shines through as I wake to the soft sound of birds chirping. ~Peter

Bumpy, smooth, mountains, rivers, snow, Indians
Getting lost, finding your way back, rain,
Tall grass, big fields, flowers, sun, moon
Watching the stars from inside
The wagon at night time
Sitting around the
In the
Middle of
The night, watching
The sun rise, writing
In my diary, watching the clouds
Roll overhead, singing around the
Campfire and last but not least, watching
My dog Buddy, trotting behind the wagon along the
Oregon Trail!

Oregon Trail


Oregon Trail
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