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Treasure Hunt Answers

These answers were supplied by the author D.B. Johnson. The idea for a treasure hunt originated when he asked us to find the map of Scotland and described other interesting tidbits about his book.

1. President John Tyler is in the picture on the post office wall.

2. The Old Manse is where Nathaniel Hawthorne and his wife stayed when they first came to Concord. The scarecrow looks like Henry.

3. You can tell the passage of time by looking at his friend's watch. Sometimes if you can't see the watch, there's a clock in the picture. There is also a somewhat subtle passage of time by the lighting in the pictures.

4. Books were very important. People could quickly pull the bookcases out of the windows in case there was a fire. Emerson actually did have a fire and the bookcases were pulled through a window. We also learned that each household was required to bring two fire buckets to a fire. When the event concluded, they left one behind. The fire buckets were used to identify who helped with extinguishing the fire. If individuals missed too many times, then they might not have anyone show up to help them in the same situation. Look at the fire buckets hanging from the ceiling at the Old Manse, home of Nataniel Hawthorne.

5. The bird is a Bittern. Thoreau often wrote about them.

6. Henry's "wild fence" looks a bit like tiny Earths.

7. The map of Scotland is on one of the cows grazing on the grass in town? The cows are Ayrshires that came from Scotland to the United States in 1822. This is the breed of cow that would have been grazing on the grass in Concord during the 1840s.

8. Look at the time at the beginning of the book and the time at the end. Then, calculate the hours.

9. Henry stopped for blackberries.

10. Henry is Henry David Thoreau.

11. The author is D.B. Johnson. He lives in New Hampshire.

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