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Who took a bite out of the candy? Sticky fingers have been found on the broken aquarium glass. Wet footprints lead to the open window. What is that powdery substance next to the broken piggy bank? Answering these questions is what forensic science is all about.

Forensic science is the study of objects that relate to a crime. The objects are evidence and analyzing the evidence is what forensic scientists do. They observe, classify, compare, use numbers, measure, predict, interpret data, and draw inferences. Scientists they are and crimes they solve.

Learn how to be a crime solver by exploring the world of the forensic scientist. Before studying a crime scene we must practice the skills needed in analyzing evidence. After you have completed the skill building assignments, try solving the crime.

Download and print the Who Dunnit? bookmark.

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Updated December 21, 2008

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We would like to thank Kimberly Franklin from Connolly Middle School, Tempe, Arizona for her work with the Chase Active Learning program and the inspiration to create this Web-based activity.

Thanks also go to Bobbie Brooks of Columbus Public Schools who created the crime scene graphic and suspect sketches.