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NCTM Data Analysis and Probability Standard: Grades 3–5

Understand and apply basic concepts of probability
• predict the probability of outcomes of simple experiments and test the predictions;

Step 1

Read Write Think

Learn about combinations using a Venn Diagram. Sort the 12 objects by color. What did you discover?

Step 2

Ready to solve a problem? Good luck!

It is a hot summer day and you decide to go to the local ice cream store for a double-dip cone. The store has eight flavors: 1. vanilla, 2. chocolate, 3. strawberry, 4. cookies 'n cream, 5. nutty coconut, 6. butter pecan, 7. pralines 'n cream, and 8. mint chocolate chip.

How many double-dip cones can be made with the same flavor? How many can be made with two different flavors? How many double-dip combinations are there altogether? Which one will you choose?

Click on the pink cone for the activity sheet.


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