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Our first workshop with teachers was a success! We dressed the parts of the two characters and opened with a short dialogue. After this brief introduction, we read the book to the group and gave each of them a copy of Henry Hikes to Fitchburg by D.B. Johnson. Before saying anything about Henry David Throeau, we asked the group to describe what they saw in the illustrations. Next, we had them read the Afterword about Henry David Thoreau. We emphasized the passage from Walden. We concluded with a brief discussion about the transcendentalists, setting, and time period. Then, each teacher virtually hiked and took the train to Fitchburg utilizing the guided activities. They put together journals using scrapbooking materials and printouts from the Web. To culminate the activity, we served baking powder biscuits and blackberries.

Henry: "Hi Friend."
Henry's Friend: "Hi Henry."
Henry: "I think I'll hike to Fitchburg. Would you like to join me?"
Henry's Friend: "No, I think I'll take the train."
Henry: "The train! How will you pay for your ticket?"
Henry's Friend: "I'll work odd jobs around town."
Henry: "I'm going to enjoy all of the flowers and birds by hiking."
Henry's Friend: "I prefer the train, it will be faster."
Henry: "Let's see who arrives first."
Henry's Friend: "Okay. See you in Fitchburg."
Henry: "Bye. See you there."

Linda Resch as Henry
Linda Joseph as Henry's Friend

Some of the participants holding Henry Hikes to Fitchburg
by D.B. Johnson and their journals.
Linda with Blackberries

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