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American Ornithology; or,
The Natural History of the Birds of North America
Alexander Wilson
Prince Charles Lucien Bonaparte
Cassell Petter & Galpin

Volume I
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Blue Jay, Goldfinch, Baltimore Bird
Gold winged Woodpecker, Black throated Bunting, Blue Bird Great American Strike, Pine Grosbeak, Ruby crowned Wren, Shore Lark Red headed Woodpecker, Yellow bellied W', Hairy W', Downy W'
Louisiana Tanager, Clarks Crow, Lewis's Woodpecker Belted Kingfisher, Black and Yellow Warbler, Blackburnian W., Autumnal W., Water Thrush Cedar Bird, Red bellied Woodpecker, Yellow-throated Flycatcher, Purple Finch Brown Creeper, Golden-crested Wren, House Wren, Black-capt Titmouse, Crested titmouse, Winter Wren
Cardinal Grosbeak, Red Tanager, Female & egg Tyrant flycatcher, Great Crestrall, Small Green Crested F., Pewe F., Wood Pewe F. Brown Thrush, Golden-crowned Thrush, Bay Breasted Warbler, Chestnut sided Warbler, Mourning W' Rice Bunting, Female, Red eyed Flycatcher,Marsh Wren, Great Carolina Wren, Yellow throat Warbler
American Sparrow hawk, Field Sparrow, Tree sp., Song Sp., Chipping Sp., Snow Bird Cow Bunting, Female, Young, Maryland Yellow throat, Blue grey Flycatcher, white-eyed F. Red cockaded Woodpecker, Brown headed Nuthatch, Pigeon hawk, Blue winged Yellow Warbler, Golden winged W., Blue-eyed Yellow W., Black breasted Blue W. Painted Bunting, female, Protonotary Warbler, Wormeating Warbler, Yellow-winged Sparrow, Blue Grosbeak
Mocking Bird, Male & Female Humming Bird, Towhe Bunting
Wood Thrush, Robin, Nuthatches
Canada jay, Snow Bunting, Rusty Grakle, Purple Grakle Mottled Owl, Meadow Lark, Black and white Creeper, Pine-creeping Warbler
Orchard Orioles, Egg of Orchard Oriole, Egg of Baltimore Oriole American Siskin, Rose breasted Grosbeak, Green black throated Warbler, yellow rump W., Cerulean Warbler, Solitary Flycatcher Mississippi Kite, Tennessee Warbler, Kentucky W., Prarie W. Swamp Sparrow, white-throated Sp., Savannah Sp., Fox-coloured Sp., Loggerhead Shrike
Carolina Parrot, Canada Flycatcher, Hooded F., Green black capt F. Pinnated Grouse, Blue-green Warbler, Nashville Warbler Maryland Yellow-throat, Yellow-breasted Chat, summer Red bird, Indigo Bird, American Redstart

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