Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lost Dog

Alex Jones said...


Lost: German Shepherd. Answers to “Klide”. Fully grown - Black & Brown colored.

If found please return to the Jones's wagon at Fort Laramie.

Alex and Mike Jones
Rodeo Rich's Wagon Train


Anonymous Rodeo Rich said...

The Jones Clan,

I thought I had found Susan Smith's lost dog while I was at Fort Laramie. He appeared to have wandered off of the trail. He showed up at my campfire one evening appearing very hungry and thirsty. I gave him some of my hardtack and he eagerily gobbled it up.

After reading some of the "Lost Dog" notices at the fort, I tried calling him by several names. I was ready to collect the $2.50 reward the Smiths had posted for finding him, but when I called "Watch", there was no response.

However, when I whistled and called "Klide" I got and immediate response. I could hardly keep the dog off of me.

I'm guessin' that means he belongs to yore family. I intend to return him to his rightful owners and collect the $20 reward immediately. I need ta' buy a new saddle before I climb up the Blue Mountains.

Yore Faithful Scout,

Rodeo Rich

February 4, 2008 9:02 PM  

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