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WhaleChad King / Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary

WhaleKiller whales - Orcinus orca - note blow hole in nearest animal.


Whale Watching Trip in Massachusetts

Whales are great to watch in the wild. A trip on a whale watching boat inspired this page for Cyberbee. For more information visit these sites.

Fun Whale Facts for Kids

Science Kids presents a one page fact sheet about whales.

National Geographic Kids Blue Whale
National Geographic Kids Beluga Whale

Information is easy to understand for elementary stdudents. Facts about the whales are presented along with fascinating movie clips.

Whale Sounds Marine Institute

Four examples of sounds from the Humpback whale.

Whale Sounds: National Park Service

Underwater sounds recorded in Glacier Baygive listeners the opportunity to hear the sounds of Humpback and Orca whales.

Voices of the Sea: Aquarium of the Pacific

Discover the sounds of humpback, sperm, gray, blue, beaked, and Northern right whales in this online version of the Aquarium of the Pacific’s exhibit Whales: Voices in the Sea. Listen to each whale call, watch videos on the whales, learn about conservation issues, and see interviews with scientists. Very cool site.

Whales - NOAA Fisheries: Office Protected Resources

Fact sheets titled the Kids' Times are pdf files that can be downloaded and printed. These cover the following types of whales, Bowhead, Blue, Fin, Gray, Humpback, Northern Right, Sei, and Sperm. Also included is a glossary of terms.

Whales World Wildlife Fund

Facts about whales and photographs provide an overview to the animals that are at the top of the food chain.

WhaleChad King / Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary

WhaleKiller whale - Orcinus orca - spy-hopping in the ice.


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