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WebQuest Introduction

The WebQuest was developed by Bernie Dodge at San Diego State University. It is a framework for research and exploration on specific topics utilizing Websites as resources. The building blocks for a WebQuest include the introduction, task, process, resources, evaluation, and conclusion.

  • Introduction - to orient the learner as to what is coming and raise some interest in the learner through a variety of means.
  • Task - what the learner will have done at the end of the exercise
  • Process - steps that learners should go through in completing the task
  • Resources - a list of Web pages which the instructor has located that will help the learner accomplish the task
  • Evaluation - an evaluation rubric
  • Conclusion - an opportunity to summarize the experience, to encourage reflection about the process, to extend and generalize what was learned

WebQuest Home Page

The Building Blocks of WebQuests are explained and concrete examples provided. There are also links to examples of WebQuests.

Teacher WebQuest Generator

This is a slick interactive WebQuest wizard allows you to select from a variety of themed pages and fill in the form with your information. The WebQuest is stored on the Teacher Web site and can be edited using your password. Students can view the page using the direct URL.

Examples of WebQuests

Donner Online

The plight of the Donner Party remains one of the most poignant episodes in the history of westward expansion during the 19th Century. "Donner Online" is a type of Web-based activity in which you learn about a topic by collecting information, images, and insights from the Internet, and then you "paste" them into a multimedia Scrapbook (a HyperStudio stack or a Web page) to share your learning with others.

FoodQuest for Health

Before the next commercial break, describe a food label. "What's a food label?" you may ask. When was the last time you read one while grocery shopping? I know, you don't shop for groceries. Parents shop for groceries. You simply go to the refrigerator or cupboard and grab whatever looks tasty. That's okay, but you will need to know about nutrition which leads to this FoodQuest/WebQuest. The purpose of this WebQuest is to introduce you to the Food Guide Pyramid and food labels. At the conclusion of this WebQuest you will be able to explain the items that are contained on a food label and their significance. You will also be able to plan a balanced meal based on the Food Guide Pyramid.

Let's Make a Deal Math

"Heads, you go first; tails, I do." "I need to roll a seven to win." "If I can spin and land on a green slot the jackpot is mine." How many times have you played a game and hoped to win? What is the probability of winning? The purpose of this WebQuest is to introduce you to some interesting problems and learn about probable outcomes. At the conclusion of the WebQuest you will be able to explain why some choices are better than others.




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