Here are activities you could incorporate into your language arts curriculum. Have your students read How a Book is Made by Aliki at the HarperCollins Web site. Then, print out the Noodles pop-up book page at the same location. Have your students color the picture with magic markers or crayons. Then cut, paste, and fold to make the book. Take the activity one step further by having students create their own pop-ups and stories. The following list points you to some terrific pages that can help you get started.

Concise History of Pop-Up Books - Ann Montanaro

"Mechanical books should look like ordinary books. Their success is to be measured by the ingenuity with which their bookish format conceals unbookish characteristics." A short history of pop-up books with references listed.

How a Book Is Made

Let Aliki, author of How to Make a Book, take you through the 10 stages of bookmaking. Excerpts from her publication include a narrative text illustrated with delightful kittens. Any elementary student will be fascinated by this easy-to-understand explanation of a complex process. You can use this information as a lead-in to your class writing project.

How to Make a Pop-Up - Joan Irvine

Known as the pop-up lady, let Joan Irvine show you how to make your own pop-up books.


Visit Noodles and learn how to make your own pop-up book. Print the instructions and download the template, then watch as your students cook up their own creations. Based on David Carter's book, there are other activities you won't want to miss, including the four-page activity pack, the amusing Shockwave interactive movie, and sound files for the many ways you can say noodles.

Pop-up and Moveable Books

The University of North Texas has prepared a virtual tour of pop-up books from the nineteenth century to present. There are many wonderful illustrations, including a few animations that give you an idea of how the movements would appear in the book. This is a must visit site if you are planning any lessons about pop-up books.



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