Directions: Visit these Web sites and complete the activity for each one.

Aunty Math

Activity: Solve the Challenge of the Day.


Brain Teasers - Houghton Mifflin Education Place

Activity: Solve one of the brain teasers.



Activity: Play a game of Mastermind.


Coin Flipping

Activity: Choose a penny or a dime and flip the coin 23 times. How many times did it come up heads? How many times did it come up tails?



Activity: Play math baseball.


Figure This!

Activity: Take a challenge.



Activity: Test your skills in multiplication.


Create a Graph

Activity: Take a survey of your group to determine their favorite color. Then make a bar graph.


Pattern Blocks: Exploring Fractions with Shapes

Activity: Click on description and scroll to the bottom of the page. Choose Determining the relations of shapes. Solve the problems by using the Patter Blocks program.


PBS Mathline: Comparative Costs

Activity: How much would it cost to buy the Louisiana purchase today?









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