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Geometry Standard for Grades 3–5

Angles and Symmetry

Apply transformations and use symmetry to analyze mathematical situations
• predict and describe the results of sliding, flipping, and turning two-dimensional shapes;
• describe a motion or a series of motions that will show that two shapes are congruent;
• identify and describe line and rotational symmetry in two- and three-dimensional shapes and designs.

Step 1

View the Symmetry animation. It is a great visual introduction.

Step 2

Visit these Websites and complete the activities.


Drag the line to the shapes to show the lines of symmetry.

Sheppard Software Symmetry Game

How many lines of symmetry does each shape have?

Math Interactives

Compose equivalent transformations in two different ways.

AAA Math Polygons

Identify the names of polygons by size and angle.

Types of Triangles on a Geoboard

Observe and label the angle as being acute, obtuse or right angle.



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