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How much do you think it will cost to pack your lunch?
Learning math can help you make wise choices in the grocery store. Comparing the cost of items can save you money. You will have $30.00 to spend on lunches for you and four of your friends. Start by choosing your lunch menu. Then, go shopping. Use a calculator or tally sheet to total the items you purchase. Be sure to show your math work to your teacher.
Let's Get Started (Entry Level)


Addition and Subtraction

AAA Math

Practice addition of 3 digit numbers.

AAA Math

Practice subtraction of 3 digit numbers.


Base Ten Fun is an educational virtual manipulatives activity for kids learning place value, addition and subtraction.

Multiplication and Division

Picnic Multiplication

Click on A+ Math. Practice your multiplication with these flash cards.

Brainormous Multiflyer

Practice your multiplication skills and learn about space.

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