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Henry Builds a cabin
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Answers to Treasure Hunt

Here's a list of all the other creatures/houses in the order of their appearance:

     Cover. Robin
     1. Chipmunks, Blue Jay (flies to page 5), Toad
     2. Canada Geese, Red Squirrel
     3. Garter Snake, Crow (eating Henry's lunch, Bread with butter wrapped in a newspaper he'd read during lunch).
     4. Pileated Woodpecker (drilling also)
     5 & 6. Woodchuck, Blue Jay
     7. Red Fox, Deer Mouse
     8. Red Fox and mate
     9. Wood Thrush, Kingfisher
    10. Wood Thrush, Kingfisher in sandbank, Turtle
    11. Phoebe chicks
    12. Phoebe
    13. Beaver, Tufted Titmouse pulling animal hair for nest
    14. Titmouse
    15. Spider, Hummingbird chicks
    16. Ruby Throated Hummingbird
    17. Monarch Butterfly/chrysalis/caterpillar, Skunk under house
    18. Skunk, Monarch Butterfly
    19. Whippoorwill, Eastern Cottontail Rabbit, Leopard Frog
    20. Redwing, Turtle, Bass
    21. House Sparrow, Red Squirrel
    22. House Sparrow
    23. Crow, Paper Wasp
    24. Paper Wasp, Chipmunk
    25. Raccoon, Monarch Butterfly
    26. It's raining, no creatures.
    27. Turtle
    28. Deer Mouse

   How many different other creatures are there: 30 (31 if you count some nondescript ducks on the pond.)

Have fun. Don Johnson

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