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Cool Tools

RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

FeedForAll and FeedForMac

FeedForAll allows users to easily create, edit and publish RSS feeds. FeedForMac allows users to easily make, publish and edit RSS feeds, podcasts or iTunes. This wizard will have your feed up and running in minutes. Features include automatic publication date handling and field defaults that enable users to keep their feeds up-to-date with minimal effort. You will also find a support area with answers to frequently asked questions. Well worth the price of the software.

Create a Web Page with Dreamweaver

Before you begin using the step-by-step guide for Adobe Dreamweaver, save the three images listed below to a disk or a folder on your hard drive. Put your cursor on top of the image and right click. Choose Save Image As. Then choose a disk or a folder and click Save. You will be using these images when you create your page.

Create a Page with Dreamweaver
Download this pdf file and begin creating a template. After you understand what you are doing, you can go back and insert your own images and text.

Design Elements
Think of a home page as if it was a book or magazine. In a publication you are targeting a specific audience. You want your work to be eye catching, easy to navigate, and interesting enough that your readers will return.

Design Tools

You will find links to software programs and Websites that provide additional tools to help you build a great Web page.

Blogs, RSS, and Wikis

Don't have time to learn a Web editing program, then create a Blog or Wiki and add an RSS feed and other cool features.

Gadgets, and Plugins

Gadgets are small applications that can be pasted on individual Web pages or computer desktops. Other plugins can be acces specific content in Web browsers.

Ten Tips for Webmasters

1. Keep the size of your pages small. No one wants to wait for a page to load.

2. Storyboard your information before constructing your pages.

3. Pages should be easy to navigate and show clear links within the site.

4. Create thumbnail images that link to larger images on separate pages.

5. Provide new information on a regular basis so readers will return.

6. Design interactive features such as Flash games, widgets, blogs, or wikis.

7. Avoid long lists of links to other sites unless they are annotated.

8. Provide contact information.

9. Provide a date when pages are updated.

10. Avoid publishing personal information unless you can control who can view it.

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