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Benjamin Franklin: The statesman and philosopher
Currier and Ives 1847
Courtesy of The Library of Congress

The U.S. Constitution is a living, flexible document that is the foundation of American government. Benjamin Franklin played a key role as elder statesman at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. Join Dr. Franklin as he shares his views about the framing of the U.S. Constitution in the town where history was made - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Thanks to Bill Robling who graciously gave his time to portray Benjamin Franklin at Independence Hall, Franklin Court, and around the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Visit Bill's Website:

Meet Dr. Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790
Courtesy of the Smithsonian

Proposed Seal for the United States
Courtesy of The Library of Congress

Benjamin Franklin, editor and writer
Courtesy of The Library of Congress
Career Choice

The Declaration Committee
Courtesy of The Library of Congress
Views on Independence
Franklin the printer
Courtesy of The Library of Congress

Benjamin Franklin signing the Declaration of Independence
Courtesy of The Library of Congress
Declaration of Independence

Franklin's experiment with the kite
Courtesy of The Library of Congress

Franklin's return to Philadelphia, 1785 / J.L.G. Ferris
Courtesy of The Library of Congress

Benjamin Franklin opening first subscription library in Philadelphia
Courtesy of The Library of Congress
Dr. Franklin

The Signing of the U.S. Constitution

U.S. Constitution Lesson Ideas

Independence Hall
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Independence Hall Video Tour
National Park Service

U.S. Constitution Cow
National Park Service
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Link to Lesson Resources and National Social Studies Standards

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