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As use of Internet resources by students has increased, the question being asked is how do I cite this information in my reports? There are a number of ways being circulated in print and on the Internet. It is important to cite the author, date (if known), title, source, medium, and how the information is available.



Here is an example for citing a document based on the APA Style Manual.

Author, A. A. (2002). Title of work.
Retrieved month day, year, from source.

Rice, J.C., McBride, R.H. & Davis, J. (1998). Defining a web

based learning environment. Retrieved November 5, 2000 from



Here is an example for citing a document based on the MLA Style manual.


No Author

Title. day month year <source>.

Cyberbee. 28 Jul 2002 <http://www.cyberbee.com>.


Author, First Name. day month year <source>.

Brett, Jan. 28 Jul 2002 <http://www.janbrett.com>.

Bibliographic Wizards


MLA Style is free. You must pay a subscription fee for other styles

Noodle Tools

NoodleBib express is free. Full featured bibliographics are available for a subscription fee.

Style Guides for Citing Electronic Resources

For more complete explanations about citing electronic resources consult these Web sites.

APA Owl Purdue University Online Writing Lab

Great source for citing APA.

Duke Universities Libraries

Easy to understand examples for citing resources.

MLA Home Page

You can find information about their publications and some frequesntly asked questions.


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