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Have you ever wondered whether you can blow square bubbles? Using bubble mix and pipe cleaners find out the answer to this question and others through hands-on experimentation.

Art and Science of Bubbles

This site is loaded with fun actitivies. Bubble magic, how to make a pop-proof bubble, recipes, how to make bigger and better bubbles, and more.

Bubbles: U.S. Department of Education

This site contains a recipe for making bubbles.

Bubbles - Exploratorium

Dive into the Sticky Water section and learn about surface tension. Jump over to the Shape of Bubbles to find the underlying reason why a bubble always has “stretch” and why the tension in a bubble tries to shrink it to into the smallest possible surface area for the volume of air it contains. What happens when bubble meets bubble? Does the color of a bubble tell you when it is going to pop? Middle and high school students will benefit most from the scientific explanations provided.

Bubbles - Science World

If you are looking for a one-page lesson that contains several bubble solution recipes, materials list, questions, and extensions, then this is the place to go. You could accomplish this lesson in 1-2 days, depending on the time you have with your class. In addition, you can view a movie clip on bubbles.


Did you know that the Pear Soap Company, in England, was responsible for the 19th century popularization of both soap and bubble blowing? Historical tidbits are one of the highlights from this site, which is chock-full of information about the principals of bubbles. Professor Bubbles, a professional entertainer, is your host. He is also the inventor of some popular commercially sold bubble toys.

Festival of Bubbles Lesson

This after school lesson provides a recipe for making bubbles and engaging students in critical thinking skills. A KWL chart, data sheet, and detailed instructions for completing the activity are included.


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