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Sheet Music

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The Whistler and His Dog; Caprice. 1905
By Arthur Prior
New York, New York, Carl Fischer, 1905
Author's Collection

Sheet music was well established in the United States by the early 1800s. Early music was printed with engraved plates. By the 1840s, chromolithography was used to create illustrated covers. After the Civil War, the stereotype process allowed publishers to mass produce sheet music. It became so popular during this era that it was issued as supplements to newspapers. Source: The Library of Congress

The Whistler and His Dog is an instrumental piece of music for piano (without words).

Look at the music.

Who wrote the song?
What does Moderato mean on page 2?
What is MCMV?
What direction is given near the end of the song on page 5?

Listen to the interpretation of this song.

What instruments do you hear?
How does the music change?
What styles of music do you hear?
Describe what you think about the recording.



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