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CyberBee has been providing rich Internet resources to educators for over 20 years. The Internet and way we obtain information has changed dramatically during that time.

Expressions such as these live in our popular culture, but have their beginnings in someone's imagination. CyberBee is a perfect example.
If you go back in time to the mid-1950s on a small farm in rural Ohio, you will see a large beehive in the far corner of an orchard behind a white brick farmhouse. You will also observe a little girl hiking through the fields and along the creek looking for treasures. She was so active, her father dubbed her "Busy Bee," and that is how her name appeared on the family letterhead. Fastforward to the 1990s and observe this same person, needing a cartoon character to guide teachers on Internet adventures. During one restless night, the idea exploded from her mind - CyberBee, a busy little bumblebee zooming around the Internet scouting out curriculum treasures.

Meet the CyberBee Learning Team

Linda Joseph is a retired Library Media Specialist from the Columbus (Ohio) Public Schools. She also worked at The Library of Congress as an American Memory Fellow and educator in residence for a year. Linda is the author of Net Curriculum: An Educator's Guide to Using the Internet. She also writes the CyberBee column for MultiMedia and Internet @Schools magazine. She was a part-time instructor for The Ohio State University and Otterbein College, where she assisted educators with integrating technology into the curriculum through a variety of courses. Linda is the recipient of the Governor's Pathfinder Award for Educational Technology, the Golden Apple Achiever Award from Ashland, and the OELMA-Winnebago Progressive Library Media Program Award. She presents at many state, national, and international conferences.
Linda Resch is a retired Instructional Technology Specialist from Columbus (Ohio) Public Schools and developed Web-based curriculum. Linda was a part-time instructor at The Ohio State University, presented at professional conferences, and taught at the gifted and talented program at Ohio Wesleyan University. She is a Jennings Scholar and NSF/USI Teacher Exemplar. She continues to facilitate online courses for eTech Ohio.
Leni Donlan had a long and rewarding teaching career and held a position at the Library of Congress. Leni was involved in educational outreach and the creation of educational content for teachers and students through the Learning Page of the Library of Congress. She created online projects like Postcard Geography and Westward HO! Sadly, she passed away in 2007. Her projects continue on Cyberbee.

Read Advice from Cyberbee as featured in the book, Super Searchers Go To School by Joyce Kasman Valenza and Reva Basch. Google provides a preview. The theme of the interview was searching and analyzing content on the Web.

Written in 1999, Net Curriculum provided lots of practical advice for beginners who wanted to use the Internet in their classrooms. Much has changed since that time so the Cyberbee team keeps adding curriculum.

In 1993, the World Link newsletter was sent free to educators who provided 9 self-addressed stamped envelopes.The newsletter was followed with two editions of the book. The 1995 edition is shown above.

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